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Small Boy - Linoleum Relief
20 x 16"
Abstract - Stone Lithograph
20 x 16"
Swamp - Copper Etching
A la poupee
8 x 6"

Copper Plate Etching and Polymer Plate
11 x 7"

This print represents the people of the St. Croix River Valley and how the river was to vital to these families survival.
Spring - Copper Etching
A la poupee and gampi silk tissue paper
8 x 6"
Back Horizon
Peacock - Double Copper Plate Etching
A La Poupee Wipe
17 x 11"

This print was made with two seperate copper plates, each one having a 2 color a la poupee wipe. This was my first print using color and I wanted it to have a ton of it. Getting color where I wanted it and which colors I was looking to achieve took a lot of trail and error. It depended on how much ink tone I left on the plate, where I placed each color, and the order I printed the plates in.
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Andrea Hodge
Graphic Artist Inver Grove Heights, MN