Planex Router 2010

Planex High Performance Routers

In today's day and age of technology, we are constantly reminded of the power of the wireless.

Every category of space inevitably requires a router that connects the enviroment to the net.

This router designed for the company Planex, Japan, insinuates the importance of this new "wave" of communication.

The surfaces of the outer body was modelled as if it were deformed by the power of the in-built antenna.
The waves harmoniously spread over the plastic surface and emerge at their maximum at the lower end of the product, hence naturally creating a strong base.
This deletes the need for an added body part to prevent the object from falling down.
It is a self containing, self enhancing piece of design.

Project for Madeindreams

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Andrea Grecucci
Product Designer presso Madeindreams Milano, Italy