HOW TO CHANGE PEOPLE'S BAD PERCEPTION OF ADULT TOYS? Les Stones is a new concept of discreet adult toys targeting couples willing to renew intimacy by re-discovering each others’ bodies through an engaging experience.
SENSUAL EXPLORATION FOR COUPLES Les Stones are multi-faceted toys designed to stimulate play, exploration and creativity. Their generic look clearly breaks from adult toys traditional shapes, allowing Les Stones to discreetly fit on a bench top, a bathroom or bed side without being an eye catcher.
THE SYSTEM: 1. Remote controller - 2. Vibrator - 3. Induction charger Les Stones is composed by 3 elements: a wireless remote controller, a massager and an induction charging base. Les Stones present themselves piled out of the box: thanks to carefully positioned magnets, each stone automatically align and snap together to create the iconic shape.
1. REMOTE CONTROLLER The remote controller gives full control over the rhythm, intensity and temperature of the massage. It encloses a digital display that shines through the thin silicon skin, allowing for a fully enclosed, waterproof body. The User Interface was designed to be aesthetically minimal yet highly intuitive. Great attention was given to the buttons shape and tactile feeling to make them identifiable and usable in the darkness.
2. THE VIBRATORS Les Stones vibrators come in three shape variations to evoke always new feelings: Goccia, Lingua and Sasso.
3. INDUCTION CHARGER The stone at the bottom is an induction charger that charges the vibrator and the remote when the stones are piled.
PILE THE STONES TO RECHARGE For a smooth and intuitive charging experience, Les Stones recharge themselves when piled over the charging base. This magical and iconic effect is achieved thanks to induction charging technology.
EASY TO WASH & WATERPROOF. Les Stones' smooth, uninterrupted surface is achieved by over-moulding medical grade silicon over the internal components. This one-piece construction and the absence of parting lines guarantees maximal hygiene and make Les Stones easy to wash and fully waterproof.
Les Stones

Les Stones is a massage gadget targeting couples willing to strengthen their relationship, relax and reconnect.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Andrea Mangone
Product Experience Designer Milano, Italy