HOW CAN FURNITURE IMPROVE COMMUNICATION BETWEEN PEOPLE? The main concept of Moon came from the observation of  traditional round-shaped coffee tables used in many coffee shops around the world. Their archetypical shape is perfect for 2-3 persons to drink the morning coffee. However when more people come together and two tables are needed, an unusable space originates between them and the diners are unconsciously obliged to split into two groups. Moon with a simple idea solves this problem, inducing the aggregation of tables, friends and, why not, strangers.
THE MORE THE BETTER. Moon are tables made to be together, as one table taken alone will feel incomplete.
ICONIC SHAPES + RGB LIGHT. Moon tables have a hi-tech soul hidden inside that emphasises the flexibility that Moon tables offer and the infinite forms and shapes that can be created when combined. Made of white semi-transparent polyethylene and thanks to an RGB light source and an array of sensors, they can change their colour when a certain iconic shape is created.
SMART FURNITURE. Moon tables have a “smart brain” that allows their unique features. An electronic module is positioned at the connection of the aluminium leg and the table top. All the elements screw together for an easy assembly and disassembly.
GREAT FOR BARS. Moon tables could be the key element of a new social game-based bar. Here could be the rules: “At the entrance, after paying a fixed fee, a table could be assigned every two persons. If a caterpillar, a cloverleaf or a flower is created, every person that contributed to the shape could receive a free drink. New acquaintances guaranteed!”

Moon are smart and social cafe tables designed to promote socialisation, collaboration and sharing.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Andrea Mangone
Product Experience Designer Milano, Italy