THE IDEAL PC FOR THE MODERN CREATIVE CLASS Upside down features elements ahead of its time such as a 360 degrees friction hinge that allows a one movement transformation from laptop to tablet, a Wacom pen digitizer with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, and a detachable wireless keyboard that introduces exciting scenarios in the transformable pc market.
SLEEK DESIGN. Upside down is a powerful and flexible machine and the industrial design reflects it. A minimal rectangular extrusion made of premium materials such as dark anodised aluminium and glass, with a continuous loop cavity that runs all around it. It is super thin at 15mm and it features a 13 inches screen which recognises both hand touch and pen input.
360 DEGREES HINGE. Upside down features a special hinge that can rotate 360 degrees for a super-easy, one movement transformation from laptop to tablet mode. Moreover it makes for a nice design detail!
DETACHABLE BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD. Upside down detachable keyboard is a real game-changer feature. In DESKTOP MODE, It satisfies the need of the growing number of consumers that use their laptop as first pc, allowing them to keep a healthier posture while working long hours on a desk. In WACOM MODE, it allows users to always access shortcuts directly from the keyboard, bypassing the limitations of graphic tablets dedicated buttons
MAGNETIC PEN. The Wacom pen sits in Upsidedown signature loop cavity, snapping in position magnetically for the easiest user experience.

YEAR 2010.
Upside down is my personal interpretation of how a transformable pc should be.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Andrea Mangone
Product Experience Designer Milano, Italy