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Frisian Flag has re-designed their corporate logo with the new one in 2011. They brief us to design their 2011 agenda for their company with their new tagline “Raih Esokmu”. The concept “How to achieve your future goals”, is to invite people to making plan in their life to achive their future goals. It was designed by team, with a good combination of all about travelling goods, such as passport, ticket, travel bag, etc.
Kraft Foods Indonesia briefs us to design 2011 Sales Fact Book for their company. The book contains about the strategy and instructions for selling all of Kraft consumer products such as Biskuat, Oreo, Jacobs, Ritz, Cadbury and Kraft Cheese in modern and traditional market.
This is the design for Susu Curcuma Plus Flipchart for their sales representatives to give presentation about the products to consumen. It contains about the explanations of the products. I used orange colours as the main colour of Curcuma, and simple funny illustration to represent the product, which is a growth milk for age 1-6 years.
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All about printed design, from corporate to individual clients. Most of them are books or booklet, and print ads.

Andre Nyotowijoyo
Art Director Jakarta, Indonesia