Backflips - This t-shirt graphic was designed for a motocross company called Backflips.
Northstar Air Shirt - I designed this shirt to have a dimensional feel.
Northstar Bike Park Shirt - Northstar wanted to continue with this style of design for their Bike Park T-Shirt.
San Manuel Shirt - I designed the graphic of this shirt to look like what you would see on a theme park poster.
Mountain High Mountainous Shirt - I designed the shirt to have the image of the mountain work with the typography.
Mountain High Staggered Shirt - The "mh" logo stylized with some halftone patterns and separated pieces.
Mountain High Ink Shirt - The "mh" logo is composed of ink splatters.
Northstar Live Wire Shirt - Northstar wanted this year's Live Wire shirt to have a 80's feel.
Northstar Shatterstar Shirt - I designed the graphic to make it look like it was shattered glass.
Northstar Sharpness Shirt - This shirt is designed for boys, so I designed the Northstar text to have an action sport type look.
Northstar Drawing Shirt - This shirt is for little girls so I wanted it to look illustrated and incorporate animals they would like.
Northstar Fly Away Shirt - The Northstar "star" icon is created entirely with butterflies and given a gradient to show movement.
Northstar Snowfalls Shirt - The Northstar "star" icon is created with snowflakes.
Jedidiah I Love LA Shirt - This t-shirt was designed for their Fall 2011 line, the inspiration for this tee is Los Angeles. Jedidiah is working with a non-profit organization called Stand Up for Kids, whose mission is to better the lives of homeless teens across the U.S. The locations for inspiration are LA, Miami and New York.
Jedidiah Medals Shirt - This t-shirt was created for Jedidiah's Fall 2011 line. The inspiration for this t-shirt is Miami.
Andrew Balisacan
Graphic Designer Vista, CA