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Boundary Way, Shankill, Belfast - April 2006.
Boundary Way, Shankill, Belfast - April 2006.
Ballymurphy Road, Ballymurphy, Belfast - April 2006 - Portrait image of six female republicans/nationalists with a lady armed with a M16 rifle. Marching women are seen carrying flags. I was informed that this image reinforced that women also perform(ed) significant roles within the IRA.
Divis Street, Falls, Belfast - April 2006. - Notice the mural to the extreme right, advertising the Black-Cab tours of the Belfast images, utilising a portrait of Bobby Sands. Black-Cabs now have permission to enter all areas of Belfast.
Divismore Way, Ballymurphy, Belfast - April 2006. - This image depicts four IRA volunteers sitting around a table in a local house equipped with an assortment of weapons, cups of tea and cakes. The volunteers are being supplied the refreshments by two elderly ladies. One of the volunteers is also recreated larger on the right hand side of the house. The mural is bordered by ‘celtic’ knot-work, punctuated by the four provincial shields of Ireland.
Linfield Road, Sandy Row, Belfast - April 2006.
Islandbawn Street, Falls, Belfast - April 2006. - The main text reads ‘Whoever we are, wherever we live, these rights belong to all children under the sun and the moon and the stars, whether we live in cities or towns or villages or in mountains or valleys or deserts or forests or jungles. Anywhere and everywhere in the big wide world these are the rights of every child’. The image is bordered by the flags of the world.
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Resonating Residues - Belfast
Andrew Cochrane
Dr Andrew Cochrane London, United Kingdom