Easily identify members of staff.
In this store, a green ring represents store manager.
HALO has an inbuilt speaker and microphone permitting in-store communication between members of staff (eliminating the need for additional radio hand sets).
Camera module capable of scanning bar codes or promotional vouchers.
Scroll wheel used to navigate E-ink screen to select payment method.
Enter card.
Enter pin.
Contactless payment.
Contactless mobile pay.
Palm vein authentication.
Employees hang HALO on the inductive charging rack at the end of a shift. This also clocks them in and out of work.
NCR HALO Mobile Point of Sale

NCR HALO is a mobile point of sale device designed while working for the industrial design and engineering team at NCR

HALO is a unique, new and multifunctional approach to point of sale devices capable of high security EMV compliant chip and pin functions while maintaining a small and compact form factor. The design implements a range of the latest payment technologies as well as future proofing with advanced palm vein biometric identification.

The unique form factor has been filed for design registration while the product is being further developed by the company.

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Andrew Flynn
Industrial Designer - Dyson Personal Care London, United Kingdom