Initial concept sketches for ID storage device.
NOVA - transport wearable

My final year project at the Glasgow School of Art and University of Glasgow is an 8 month Product Design Engineering project (ending May 2014) looking to solve problems in todays travel network. This project is sponsored by several international travel industry partners, the leading partner being Bauhaus Luftfahrt who I interned with in summer 2013.

I am working within a group of three attempting to solve problems faced with door to door travel. My two student partners are Mason Holden and Ewan Alston.

My focus within the travel network is the passenger travel experience between different modes of transport as well as the airport experience.

My aim is to create a product and system that radically changes how we interact with the different steps of the travel experience with a goal to reduce total travel time and reduce passenger stress.

This page documents my work so far including research and initial concept generation.

Andrew Flynn
Industrial Designer - Dyson Personal Care London, United Kingdom