Insight: Many people have trouble removing Macbook charger plugs from a socket due to their slim and stylish profile.

Pluggo has been tried and tested and is now available to purchase from Shapeways! Just hit the link below to check it out.

Pluggo is a 3D Printed plastic component that fits over your UK Macbook charger. The hinged part folds down to act as a handle to assist you in pulling the charger out of the wall socket, and when not in use it folds back up for portability. If you happen to own a recent version of a Macbook you may have noticed that it can be annoyingly difficult to pull the charger out of a UK wall socket, mainly because Apple have used a deliberately minimal design. People have complained to us that the charger actually hurts them, and so we decided to fix this problem.

Pluggo was a short personal project carried out by myself and Ewan Alston (

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Andrew Flynn
Industrial Designer - Dyson Personal Care London, United Kingdom