The design of the Bull Lock has now been updated. The handlebars include an integrated stem clamp making it easy to attach to a range of bikes
After unlocking the centre piece, the bar ends can be removed and locked round the bike.
Locks in each bar end are used to secure the bars around the bike.
The Bull Lock was a two month project which consisted of research, ideation, design and prototyping. So far the Bull Lock has been well received by a wide community of cyclists and has therefore prompted me to continue the project. The next phase of the project will focus on refining the design and creating a final prototype that will be fully compatible with a bicycle.
This prototype was built for testing and proof of concept, therefore due to time contraints is not yet compatible with a bicycle stem.
The Bull Lock

This project was designed for the international Hands Off My Bike NESTA competition. The goal of the project was to design a new type bike lock that would deter theft. The Bull bicycle lock was shortlisted from an international pool of applicants for final testing and judging. Check out the link above to see the full process journal.

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Andrew Flynn
Industrial Designer - Dyson Personal Care London, United Kingdom