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MAD MOD SCIENCE 1 - I wanted to go with a super fun retro "Funny Face Drink Mix" meets "Otter Pop" kind of style.
MAD MOD SCIENCE 2: A look at the collection together with some color suggestions.
WHIZ BANG! 1: A "World of Tomorrow" / "Peabody and Sherman" look with 60's cocktail culture styled closed eyes which would help cut out the need for any color sprays.
WHIZ BANG 2: The cat family test tubes.
WHIZ BANG 3: The collection together with some color suggestions.
SCIENCE FAIR SAFARI 1: For the 3rd Concept style I kept some of the fun retro vibe but made the animals slightly less cartoony with a sort of pared down "Wild Kratt's" style.
SCIENCE FAIR SAFARI 2: Showing how the elefunnel could rest in the lion's mouth for easier pouring.
SCIENCE FAIR SAFARI 3: A look at the collection together with some color suggestions.
GIRAFFE SYRINGE: Some other tools were considered during production such as a giraffe shaped syringe.
FINAL DESIGN: In the end client requested a slightly more realistic version of my Science Fair Safari concept.
FINAL DESIGN: Along the way a rhino-headed flask was added to the set.
FINAL DESIGN: The hippo forceps are my favorite.
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Jungle Crew Lab Set

The Task: Design a set of lab tools with a jungle animal motif.
I LOVE science and anything that makes science more fun and engaging to children so I was very excited to work on this project. When I taught preschool one of my favorite things was hearing the kid's hypotheses as we speculated on which objects would float or sink in a water tank or raced toys down inclined planes.

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