Make-A-Face Magnetic Designer

Had a lot of fun as the lead product development manager and art director on this project. Instead of reinventing the wheel with this classic play pattern, I decided to go for an "I See Me" approach so kids could try to create characters like themselves, family members or friends. I was responsible for devising all magnetic items and face templates, guiding the art team through sketches, mood boards and meetings, costing and arranging testing on all parts, presenting updates weekly to the executive team, extensive kid testing and meeting frequently with the various incarnations of our Diversity and Inclusion team to make sure we achieved as much representation as possible. Was happy to see the kids during testing want to play again and again and choose templates who reminded them of their classmates and friends.

Freelance, Full-time
Andrew Maximilian Blanch
Toy Design/ Senior Product Manager / Children’s Content Writer Hong Kong, Hong Kong