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PROVIDENCE : Random Madness
Gem, G.I. Joe's Scarlet, Dani Moonstar, Rock-a-Billy Bride and friends...
DC :
I was selected to represent Hasbro at an awesome and enlightening Education conference held by CASIE (Center for Advancement and Study of International Education) in Washington DC. Lots of workshops and interactive lectures. The more visually interesting the notes I take, the more I retain...
TOKYO Sketchbook #2:
PROVIDENCE : Skeletons, Alphabet, Octopi, Headphones.
TOKYO Sketchbook #3: Akihiro the Ninja
Heads Up!
PROVIDENCE: Spider-Jam - Various notes and ideas from a brain-storm session with the Playskool Heroes Marvel team.
TOKYO Sketchbook #3: Nostalgia-sketching and it appears my memory was not 100% accurate. Can you spot the 2 mistakes?
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Sketchbook Scans

As a visual learner I am forever taking copious notes, doodling, sketching out quick ideas, reacting to my environment or whatever song lyrics float through my head. Though not a journal per se, I can usually remember exactly where I was and what was going on around me when I created each page.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Andrew Maximilian Blanch
Toy Design/ Senior Product Manager / Content Writer London, United Kingdom