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Ferocious but fun cuddly dinosaurs that come to life with roars, growls and thunderous footsteps each time their feet are stomped down.
Both dinos available in 14" or 25" sizes. Slash even comes in a room dominating 36" size!
Both dinos available in 14" or 25" sizes.
STOMP-A-SAURS! - All the power and sound of the Thunder Stompers packed into 5" frames for pocket-sized on-the-go fun.
STAGE 1: The original, quick sketch idea was to make interestingly colored, mostly realistic dinosaurs that could be sold at a variety of museums or amusement parks.
STAGE 2: A decision was made to make the characters more our own with a distinctive stylized look. While in Hong Kong I started doodling the dinos more cartoony and came up with the onomatopoetic names. My working title was "Thunder Runts".
STAGE 3: I further explored the new direction and established our brand characteristics of huge, powerful feet, big cartoony eyes and bright skin tones and patterns.
Our talented animator, Rick Marin, created control drawings and some wonderful illustrations that brought our characters to life. Check out his portfolio!
STAGE 0?: My senior project at FIT was a plush pterodactyl and a book about dinosaurs. The general style of the Stompers was definitely inspired by the cast of "Skylar Delivers".
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Thunder Stompers

When I was a tow-headed lad I wanted to grow up to do only 2 things: 1. Draw Dinosaurs 2. Be Batman.
This was a concept I proposed to Snap! Toys which celebrates the fun and empowerment of dinosaurs. GROWLS, STOMPS and ROARS are heard each time a child stomps the dino down on his over-sized feet.

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