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Radial Candle Holders

Radial is designed to give the customer creative control and flexibility. Inspired by mechanical shapes, designer Andrew Perkins created 3 sizes that nest, interlock and stack for easy storage. In pursuit of showing the beauty and versatility of utilitarian forms, Radial encourages the customer to create their own unique displays and arrangements. Beyond form, the weight of the solid aluminum combined with sophisticated metal finishes gives the Radial Collection an unmistakably premium feel.

The Radial collection is crafted from solid aluminum and 100% made in the USA. The heatsink-like design is formed through a zero waste extrusion process and then each pocket and taper is meticulously machined and polished. The final step is applying a durable and sustainable anodize finish that transforms the raw aluminum into a brilliant copper, silver or black color. Each process combines to yield a premium candle holder that will last for generations.

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Andrew Perkins
Designer San Francisco, CA