Adjoa - An Exploration of Music and Spirituality (working prototype) - Adjoa was designed as a spiritual companion in the form of a musical instrument; the sound complements the energy of the player. You can listen to a sound clip at (just click on Adjoa).
Ginger and Go - Ceramic Tableware Sets (prototypes) - The Ginger aromatherapy set (left and center) was inspired by African wood sculpture and includes an incense holder and a modular oil diffuser/candle tray. Go (right) is a 3-piece sushi set based on the graphical qualities of graffiti.
Prop - A Modular Clock / Firefly - A Line of Music and Gaming Systems - Prop (left) is an inexpensive desk clock that can also be hung on a wall or suspended from the ceiling. Modeled in Pro/Engineer. Firefly (center, right) is line of portable consumer electronics, focusing on gaming and entertainment media.
Grasshopper - Compact Portable Seating - The Grasshopper is a one-legged stool that can fold to only 15" in length. Simple and practical, it was designed for a structural foam molding process.