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Converse Boom Star Logo - A canvas shoe with sharp design angles, created to expand the Converse "Star" lineup.
Converse Shoe Design Development - Starting with something similar to a Converse all star, I decided to take those Deco curves and turn them into sharp angles. The final direction is a bit less pointy than the most jagged concept.
Boom Star Shoe Digital Drawing - This photoshop rendering illustrates the futuristic, angular look that this design achieves.
Boom Star Shoe Pattern Pieces - This pattern was developed by drafting a last and adding late adjustments based how the model fit on an actual foot.
Boom Star Shoe Prototype Pair - This functioning prototype was built, using an existing Converse sole. The upper was sewn together, pierced with eyelets and then glued to the sole, with Barge contact cement. Rubber was then stretched around the midsole, with a textured strip glued to the toe cap.
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Converse Boom Star Shoe
Andrew Templeman
Industrial Designer Boise, ID