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Diamond Head Trail Shoe Logo - The Diamond Head trail shoe was designed to blend modern style and tropical colors with the traditional durability and grip of a hiking shoe.

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DH Shoe Mood Images - Bright, tropical colors and sleek modern shapes were my primary motivators in the early development of the Diamond Head Shoe.
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DH Shoe Concept Sketches - The quarter straps immediately took on the look of modern architectural pillars, ultimately ending up as repeated and reflected shapes, which seemingly merge with the rubber lugs of the sole. The Diamond Head theme ties in some of the angular shapes and the tropical inspiration. Honolulu's Diamond Head trail is a great place for the use of this type of shoe, which is another reason why the name seemed to suit this design.
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DH Shoe Materials - For the most part, the designated materials for this shoe are standard fare, including solid rubber and synthetic spacer mesh. However, the sole is intended to be made of three different types of plastic with three different densities--the hardest of which is a scooped, nylon sole plate and heel siding.
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DH Shoe Digital Drawings and Colorway - This photoshop illustration depicts the final color schemes, with distinct, two-tone combinations, in tropical themes. A ribbed texture has been applied to the quarter straps, heel panel, sole plate and diamond-shaped lug under the heel. A diamond grip pattern has been applied the larger ares of the tread.
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Diamond Head Trail Shoe
Andrew Templeman
Industrial Designer Boise, ID