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The final treat design and packaging--
I generated countless concept sketches of varying product and packaging forms, to help bring my group's concept to life. Numerous clay mockups of the potential product were a large part of the form exploration. The packaging blends an iconic milk bottle shape, with the type of angular cues that adorn vitamin supplement bottles. My name is on the design patent for this packaging.
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Dual Pack Photoshop Rendering--
Once the basic form of the treat and the package were finalized, we spent some time working on shelf presence, flavor options, size options, and value combinations. I created this rendering using a digital artwork file, a blank tray, a blank sleeve and two white prototype bottles that I had 3D printed.
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Milk Bone "Good Morning" Bottle

Milk Bone "Good Morning" is a functional treat, offered by the most iconic brand in Smuckers' pet food portfolio. I played a part in the development of the concept, the treat design, and the patented package design.

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Andrew Templeman
Industrial Designer Boise, ID