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P & C Chair Logo - The parameters of this project called for a chair that was to be designed and built entirely out of one 4’ x 8’ x 3/4” sheet of plywood, using no glue or fasteners. This bi-level chair was designed specifically for a parent and child, in a waiting room setting.
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P & C Chair Concept Sketches - During this phase of the project, I was trying to come up with interesting new ways to seat multiple people with a single plywood chair or bench. Some of these ideas included chairs that rocked like a see-saw and a bench with six legs and three potential positions.
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P & C Chair Perspective Sketches - The chosen concept was sketched in perspective and orthographic views. It was then built as a 1/10 scale, foam-core model.
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P & C Chair In Use and Detail Views - The intended purpose of this chair is depicted in the sketch of a father and daughter. The singular unit is meant to have a calming affect on the child, as they are paired up with their parent or guardian. There is plenty of room for storage under the chair and the design allows for easy access to anything that is placed down below.
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P & C Chair Functioning Prototype - This full-sized chair is slotted together using tabs and dowels, made from the original sheet of 4 X 8, birch plywood. The vast majority of the joints are hidden, to keep this chair looking as clean and modern as possible.
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P & C Chair
Andrew Templeman
Industrial Designer Boise, ID