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Small Wood Sculptures- Acrylic paint, gravel, wood dowels, and wood spheres on wood structure.
Rattle Wave Sculpture- Acrylic paint and gravel on wood stricture and wood frame.
Rattle Wave Sculpture- Detail View.
Archstick Front View - An arched sculpture, made of matchsticks.
Archstick Perspective View
Archstick with Box
Flosser Pagoda - This modular sculpture uses dental flossers to create a pagoda-like architectural form. The pagoda was built in three sections--the largest of which encases a push-button light, transforming the piece into an interesting lamp.
Flosser Pagoda From Above - Hot melt glue was used to create strands of flossers, attached in patterns. The flexibility of the glue, enabled the strands of flossers to flex into curved forms.
Flosser Pagoda - The slits in between the flossers create unique shafts of light that angle upwards, across nearby walls.
Flosser Pagoda in Mirror
Paper Planar Sculptures
Orca - A plaster sculpture, influenced by Native-American art.
Owl Block - A wooden block, cut twice. One cut was straight and one was curved. The remaining pieces were then glued, sealed with bondo, sanded and painted.
Owl Block (Balancing)
Finished Camera Model
Finished Camera Model Back
Steering Bubble (Straw Detail)
Steering Bubble - This sculpture was made using a piece of polystyrene, some antique car windlace, two pieces of PETG, three straws and a flashing, multi-colored led light, removed from a toy. Both sides of the polystyrene were painted using a stencil. The PETG was vacuum-formed over a cone-shaped pattern, to form a clear dome. The ends of the straws were glued over each led bulb and the whole thing was trimmed out in windlace.
Once a button is pushed, the led lights flash wildly. Much like fiber optic light, the clear straws allow the light to travel to their tips before it reaches its brightest point.
Owl Masks - These masks were made from sheets of ABS and Polystyrene, which were vacuum-formed over a wooden pattern. The nose was painted on and elastic straps and clips from--salvaged from a couple of pairs of goggles--were attached to the inner lip, at the temples.
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Andrew Templeman
Industrial Designer Boise, ID