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WC seats can be moved horizontally along a wall, to accommodate a variety of seating arrangements and color combinations/patterns.
WC seats are constructed of plywood, which has been sealed, primed, painted and textured. Weather resistant vinyl has been stretched over a foam pad and stapled under the edges of the seats.
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Construction detail:
This bracing system originated from one of my previous chair designs. The extended "horns" on each corner of the base provide leverage against the faces of the wall, for stability during mount and dismount. These seats can also be placed directly onto the ground for a low-rise seat pad, with the "horns" acting as miniature chair legs.
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Wall Cap Modular Seating

Wall Cap Modular Seating--
This design is a low-cost, versatile seating solution for outdoor areas with retaining walls.

Andrew Templeman
Industrial Designer Boise, ID