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Floating Boomerang Clock- Wood, gravel, acrylic paint, and vinyl on masonite.
Floating Boomerang Clock- Side View
Shoji Wing Clock- Wood finials, tinted acrylic plastic, and acrylic paint on Plywood.
Shoji Wing Clock variations.
Fin Loop Clock- Brass plated ring, plastic, tinted acrylic plastic, glitter, and acrylic paint on a recycled grinding disc.
Fin Loop Clock- Side View
Disoriented Clock- Frosted acrylic lens, acrylic paint, and thumbtacks on plywood.
Amoeba Overlap Clock- Wood, plastic, tinted acrylic, and acrylic paint on masonite.
Amoeba Overlap Clock- Side View
Atom Age Clock- Wood, gravel, tinted acrylic, and acrylic paint on repurposed aluminum..
Offset Grid Clock- Gravel, acrylic paint, and cord on masonite.
Offset Grid Clock- Side View
Dot Connector Clock- Acrylic paint on mdf, wood dowels, metal thumbtacks, and a polycarbonate lens.
Dot Connector Clock- Underside View
Seance Clock- Acrylic Paint on MDF, fine gravel, metal thumbtacks, wood dowels, and wood balls.
Seance Clock- Side View
Exploding Clock- Acrylic lens, glitter, acrylic paint, wood balls, thumbtacks and textured aluminum on plywood.
Architectural Clock- Acrylic paint, thumbtacks, wood dowels, and wood spheres on masonite.
Islands in the Mosaic Clock- Acrylic paint, thumbtacks, and gravel on masonite.
Inverted Gap Clock- Acrylic paint and thumbtacks on masonite.
Large Hammerhead Clock- Sawdust-infused acrylic paint and standard acrylic on masonite.
Large Hammerhead Clock- Side View
Checkered Clock- Wood and acrylic paint on masonite.
Checkered Clock- Side View
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Andrew Templeman
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