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Pagoda Panel-
Acrylic, cord, and wood on plywood.
Pagoda Panel- Depth depiction
Tripical Fish-
Acrylic, wood, and gravel on canvas.
Tripical Fish- Depth depiction.
Grid Group- Gravel, cord, and acrylic on particle board with a wood grain veneer.
Grid Group- Depth depiction.
Tiki Totem-
Acrylic, wood and velvet on plywood.
Tiki Totem- Depth depiction.
Twin Turtles-
Acrylic, wood, and gravel on canvas.
Twin Turtles-
Depth depiction.
Tiki Torches- Wood, acrylic, cord, fabric, and gravel on MDF.
Tiki Torches- Depth depiction.
Pagoda Lantern- Wood, vinyl, gravel, cord, and acrylic on plywood.
Pagoda Lantern- Depth depiction.
Penguin Panel- Acrylic, and wood on plywood.
Penguin Panel- Depth depiction.
Wig Wam Arrowheads- MDF, gravel, cord, acrylic, and wood on masonite.
Wig Wam Arrowheads-Depth depiction.
Snakes in Bamboo- Wood and acrylic on masonite.
Snakes in Bamboo- Depth depiction.
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Wall Decor

Wall decor designs for Autronic Decor, sold at a furniture shop in Boise, ID.

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Andrew Templeman
Industrial Designer Boise, ID