Interchangeable tools, such as the trimming tool slot into a 4m extending vacuum, which sucks up loose grass and throws it out into Beetroots bag.
Beetroot is a product that explores new gardening experiences, and aims to declutter the garden shed. Beetroot acts as an outdoor station for the occassional gardener, and compromises storage and handling solutions, as well as a fun and cheery mower to chomp up cheeky grasses.
Beetroot's toolbox allows lightweight garden utensils to be stored in it's front. They can be carried around the garden, storing everything in one place.
Wasted plastics are removed, and Beetroot's inner workings are exposed. The shell housing the motor can be easily removed so that the motor can be maintained and removed with ease. The extending vacuum wraps around Beetroot's motor, and slides into a compartment on it's back.


Andrew Coghill
full time student London / Plymouth, United Kingdom