SeeSaw - An approach to the jigsaw. Focusing on the user and its line of cut. High tensile polypropylene replaces the wings of the tool, and guidelines along the front and back make the line of cut easier to see. Based on the iron it aims to provide comfort and ease suiting a wider array of users.
SLR Pocket - This conceptual idea for an SLR Camera, asks the user to become more interactive with the product. Not only can lenses be changed, so too can the interface. The Camera, an initial basic body is edited according to the users needs and ability. Users choose an interface that suits them, and inserts it into the back camera like a universally fitting car stereo. The interfaces can be docked like a giant SD card, and act as a picture frame when stationary. The screens can be ‘pocketed’.
Andrew Coghill
full time student London / Plymouth, United Kingdom