Crosses ™ (RSA Body & Mind Competition Winner) - Crosses provides a range of alternative methods to swallow tablets. 40% of adults struggle to take medication properly due to psychological reasons, or a fear of choking. Products include Parajam, a combination of strawberry jam and paracetamol, and Penicine which offers a liquid based sugar paracetamol lolly. Ouch is a transportation device designed for adults and children alike, who stores just the right amount of medication for when it is needed. Copyright of Andrew Coghill 2010
Crosses™ - Parajam (RSA Body & Mind Competition Winner) - Parajam is simply a combination of jam and paracetamol. Paracetamol is a stable drug which can be mixed with various substances. The dosage is supplied in segments which can be applied to soft foods, or eaten as a jelly. One segment is equal to 1gram. (equivalent to 2 tablets) The process removes the fear of the tablet taking process, and substitutes taking a tablet with that of eating food. Copyright of Andrew Coghill 2010
Penicine - Crosses™ (RSA Body & Mind Competition Winner) - A liquid, sugar based paracetamol is contained within the insides of the lolly, and a rubber nib large enough for the user to suck, nibble and chew on and acts as a subconscious distraction from the tablet taking process and the pain or problem the user might be experiencing. The dosage is equivalent to two tablets, and has been achieved when the blue cross at the bottom of the pen loses it's colour. Copyright of Andrew Coghill 2010
Crosses™ (RSA Body & Mind Competition Winner) - Graphical overview Copyright of Andrew Coghill 2010
Andrew Coghill
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