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Armonia - Armonia is a system which applies natural human emotion to music playback
The Garbage Cookbook - The Garbage Cookbook was designed to promote local acts of sustainable living. It is a website which hosts designs all made from local waste streams.
Reproduce - The Re produce package aims itself at re-establishing the bond between the consumer and food that has long since been lost. Re Produce is a package/planter that carries a seed packet holding growing instructions to replace the contents.
Transit - The Transit personal work space is studio flexibility redefined. Taking inspiration from phenomena of sheet goods, Transit developed from clever sheet good to modern studio wonder.
Transit maintains an impressive array of features: cork board, dry erase board, work table, display space, thinking space, computer space and other features. Whether it's hanging stacked against the wall flat for storage, set up as a bank of temporary workstations, or used as a dorm room work desk, Transit is ready to move for whatever is required.
Send - What ways could reuse add value rather than diminish it. Ideally, a product could become increasingly precious, until its demise, at which point it could be reclaimed.

Send is a prepackaged mailing system for book share. It allows readers a glimpse into the history of a book, while at the same time increasing the value of purpose for the book.

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