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Wyoming Home - A Western Department Store in Cheyenne Wyoming.

During my short tenure at Wyoming Home I redesigned business cards, brochures, updated their e-commerce site, created over 30 magazine ads, and essentially became their art director. All photography, copywriting and concepts are my own.

The top ad series "Lifestyle" was aimed towards tourism, and selling the wild west lifestyle. It was intended to be a five or six part series, showing the chair in various stages of its life. From being roped, to branded, being put out to pasture... Using some humor with the western culture.

The results... can I get a "Yeeehawww!"
This Old Font - Two page ad spread to promote a font I created.

I am a home repair genius! Ok, maybe not, but I created this font for the handyman. The letters are based on old woodworking tools, so even those as bad as I am in the shop will at least look like they know what they are doing.

In addition to drawing the font, I also did the photography, concept, layout and bought a hammer.

The results... OW! My thumb!
Katahdin Camping - Point of Purchase, No-Waste Packaging, and Promotional Posters for a company I envisioned and subsidiary products.

Katahdin is the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail in Maine. I invented the company after sewing my own 2 person backpacking tent that weighed under 2.5lbs. for use on that hike. People liked it so much they proposed I go into business for myself. Snowmelt was a lightweight camping stove made out of two aluminum cans. I did not invent the plans for the stove, but I did create the no waste packaging which turns into a pot stand and wind guard after purchase if it ever went to market.

I did not have the capital to start my own company and take on the big boys, these layouts were just preliminary concepts. The products themselves really do exist.

The results... I had a great summer of hiking!
Local Creative - Identity, Business Cards and Stationary for a Design and Marketing Company in Cheyenne Wyoming.

2 color Pantone, die-cut and de-bossed on the smoothest, thickest stock we could find. You really don't want to know what these things cost.

The results... the flashiest snail mail you've ever seen!

*work done in collaboration with Creative Director while employed with Local Creative.
Hindenburg A Musical - Poster promoting a local play
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Andy Waldrop
Interactive Art Director / Designer / Information Architect Boston, MA