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A series of anniversary pin designs I created for The Dot (One Step's parent company). Landmark years have more unique designs, while off years are strictly orange, black, and white.
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3 postcards for 4th of July (front and back).
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One Step Services

One Step Services is a small marketing firm that works mostly with real estate. Working as a production designer here, it wasn't too often that I was able to take full ownership of projects I worked on, since design files changed hands so many times among the designers on the team. A few times a year, though, everyone was asked to contribute designs for the numerous content-ready mailing promotions One Step offers for major holidays as well as various happenings in the real estate world. These are what I believe to be my best pieces of those I created. Presented in more or less chronological order from 2014-2017.

Andy Zanca
Graphic Designer Rancho Santa Margarita, CA