Features: • 20lb Weight Vest – fully adjustable in 1lb increments, 1–20lbs • Exclusive compact FLEX weight design contours to the body for secure fit and maximum mobility • Tough abrasion-resistant outer shell with dual padding cushions shoulders and chest • Fully adjustable extra-wide neoprene belt for custom midsection fit
Ideation Sketches
Ideation Sketches
Harbinger 20 lb Weight Vest

Driven by a user-centered research project revealing issues with competitor products not meeting the needs of the Cross-Fit community we listened to the consumer. The research team collaborated with 50 athletes to isolate the issues and features missing in current products. The investigation revealed three issues with competitor weight vests. First, the vests were restrictive and limited the range of motion. Second, competitor products were uncomfortable and painful to wear for extended training. Third, the weights could not be easily adjusted and slowed down the athletes training. The Harbinger weight vest combined human factors data, low-cost prototyping methods to dial in the fitment and applied new materials & processes to improve upon the issues isolated in the research. The result is a product that exceeds the expectations of pro athletes, military, police & emergency service personnel and weekend warriors all training to improve their fitness & strength.

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Angelo Carpinelli
Industrial Designer San Francisco, CA