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Black and White Rose 1
Sweet Lines - Chevy Bel Air
Red Passion - Red and white rose, close-up view
Front End - Front End of a Classic Truck
Roadster - 1934 Packard Roadster
Chevy - classic chevy pickup
Classy Blue
Peach Rose 1 - Peach Rose in Pastel
Pink and Yellow Rose - pink and yellow rose in sketchy pastel
Pure Joy - Black and white rose close up with good contrast
Black and White Rose 2
Purple Rose - Single purple pastel rose on sky blue background
Pink and Yellow Rose 2 - Pink and yellow rose with dew drops on black background
Pink Beauty Rose - pink rose on green background
Pink Rose 1 - close-up of pink rose
Pink Rose on Green Background - Pink rose on dark green backgound
Pink Rose 2 - soft pink rose
3 Red Roses on Black
Mom's Pink Rose
Golden Rose Inspired from a Calendar
Bird of Paradise 1
Bird of Paradise 2
Bird of Paradise 4
Calle Lily Duet - two white calle lilies on blue background
Calle Lily Trio - three calle lilies on a black background with strong light and shadow
White Calle Lily - White Pastel on Wine Colored Pastel Paper
Pansy Solo - close-up of a purple pansy
Lady Bug
Pansy Trio - purple, pink and yellow pansy portrait close-up
Pink Tulip Trio - 3 variegated tulips on black background
Pink Tulip - Pink tulip on green background
Soft Pink Daisy
White Daisy
White Daisy 2
Easter Lily
Magnolia Study Inspired by Ballard Design
Tawni's Hydrangeas
It Snowed in LA - rare landscape of the LA area
Native American Collage Redesign
Path 1 - serene pathway landscape
Fall Forest
Grandma's Garden
Farmhouse 1
Path 4
Lupine Lake (a Study) - This is a study I did from a photo on the internet. It is not an original scene, just original artwork.
Looking Wistful - a sweet expression
Still Life on Easel - still life setup
Here Kitty Kitty
Tiger Kitty - tiger striped kitten
Sean's White Tiger
Red Breasted Robin
Bird on a Post
Bunny Study
Pastel Paintings
Freelance, Moonlighting
Angi Hillock
Freelance Artist and Designer Cameron Park, CA