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client: winestore - The concept to the winestore was to have a clean, modern feel to the retail brand. An interesting icon because one can see it as wine glasses or as a single wine bottle.
client: Radiohead - My concept for the inside booklette was an old used book of poetry. The pages are dirty, stained, and used. The images throughout the book invoke a feeling of having the bends. The package is a black matte paper with a silk-screened glossy image printed on it.
clent: book publishing company - The main concept of the book was to focus on details within Gaudi's masterpieces. I also included sketches to help draw attention to the process he went through to get these structures built.
client: Lyn Devon - Mixing Gustav Klimpt signature icon with colors and textures found in Morrocan culture was a good way of bringing in the main theme of the fashion line into our design. This identity was also printed in gold leaf, to add texture and a special quality to the design.
clent: F.A.M.E. magazine - Fashion, Art, Music, and Entertainment is what this magazine is all about. Originality is obtained in the size, and die-cut on the cover, revealing a secondary cover on the second page.
Ania Potocki
Graphic Designer San Diego, CA