Residential cluster Masterplan
Villa distribution masterplan
New Ruwais city proposal

Abu Dhabi General Services Company P.J.S.C. trading as Musanada is developing a residential community in Al Manaief (New Ruwais City).
The project will comprise 7’228 accommodation units arranged from 1BR to 5BR as the following :
1’615 Units (1BR Mixed Apartments).
1’717 Units (2BR Apartments, Building).
938 Units (3BR Apartments, Building).
418 Units (4BR Apartments, Building).
1’677 Units (3BR Apartments, Town Houses).
669 Units (4BR Apartments, Villas).
194 Units (5BR Apartments, Villas).
The design proposed systems shall use the most efficient means on to achieve the functional requirements within the plot regulation and the environmental conditions and within a reasonable cost effect.

Al Manaief city will become a major regional destination within the western region and shall be a national centre and focus destination of energy industry, the city will be a high magnetized residential township that delivers community services,employment opportunities and investments.

Aniket Bagul
aniketbagul Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates