digital - This I did using Photoshop and with only mouse. I mean I didn't use any tablet for this.
digital - I did this using Corel Painter IX and I had so much fun learning the brushes while doing this.
digital - This is my first attempt for speed drawing, I felt so happy that I could finish this within 20 minutes :)
digital - One of my favourite painting as well as actress. A painting using only mouse and Photoshop.
digital - First painting using my Wacom Intuos2 pad. I just loved working on it.
Flowers - I did this painting using my digital pad in Painter and Photoshop
Buddha - Digital painting, Corel Painter Print ready for sale. More info please contact me.
Lanterns - Digital Painting For Sale
Mirror - Digital painting For Sale
digital paintings
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Rajendran Kp
Usability Architect Mumbai, India