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Water Purifier

A ceramic water filter, that takes from the 'matka' , an age-old tested Indian Practice and applying Ayurvedic use of materials for a Universal Need of Purifying Water in the safest and closest way to nature.
Water Purifier

Double Filteration Process [uses coconut activated carbon from husks to eliminate excessive chlorine in an American environment]

Easy & Self Cleaning. [Silver impregnated on inner lining of ceramic acts as biogenic & keeps water germ free and from stagnating]

Ceramic cools water automatically to fifteen degree ,an ideal temperature for drinking water as per Health and science studies proven worldwide versus refrigerated water.
Water Purifier

Purifies water for an family of upto 5 storing, purifying and dispensing upto over 2 gallons of clear fresh tasting water.

Ideal for kitchen countertops in an aesthetically pleasing 'drop' of ceramic matte and glass with stainless steel fittings.
Water Purifier

Ht= 11ft
Water Purifier

SS push tap dispenses water into vessel /bottle placed below
Water Purifier that takes care of :
Well Being
Sensual Experience

and most importantly
Water Purifier

environmentally conscious with long term health benefits
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Putting the Desi in Design

The Drop

Ankita Adya
Product Designer Savannah, GA