Sweet Candy
Light Porcelain - "This oil lamp designed for Bernardaud expresses the delicacy of porcelain mixed with the gentle light of fire"
Card-Light - "This lamp can be use in different situations. It can be hanging lamp as well as a desk lamp. The user can open it in different ways. One, two or every faces can taken off following your mood"
Settle Bottle
Barbed Wired - "This is a 2D barbed wired that can be used in the garden without danger for children"
Lazara - "This lamp is made by the recycling of old polypropylene bags collected and knitten together with the help of Lalla Mika. The lampshade is salad bowl"
Glass Into A Glass
Latifa - "This carpet is made of recycled polypropylene bags tied together. The bas structure is a rice bag. Can be used outdoors, goes into the washing machine. Realized with Lalla Mika"
Bent - "Those pouf are made of recycled polypropylene bags knitten together. Can be used outdoors. Realized with Lalla Mika"
Swiss cuckoo - This Swiss cuckoo is a black board. You can wrote the time with a chalk.
Rappa Portfolio
Anne-Cecile Rappa
Industrial & Product Designer Lausanne, Switzerland