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Labyrinth is a space designed for the inner city workers who are constantly exposed to the loud noises, toxic smells and constant movement. It was designed to help people escape from all of these factors on going factors.

The brief stated that a team of students needed to design a product that would provide some sort of safety aspect to the people of Cape Town in a radius of 5km around CPUT. Our team (Corban Warrington, Ashley Adami and myself) decided to focus on mental health safety.

Labyrinth was our solution to various health issues that occur by working in the city. Including aggression, helpfulness, noise induced hearing loss and damaged lungs. It provides a clean breathing space with natural air coming from the plant life within. Each sitting area provides a unique experience for the users as well as bringing more comfortably. The materials used as well as the shape of the outer shell reduces the amount of sound that can enter the Labyrinth creating a quite space.

Anne Landman
BTech Industrial Designer Cape Town, South Africa