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One Up

One Up is a PFD with attached arm
assistive floatation devices. This PFD is
specifically designed to assist in keeping
the novice skiers body up right and in the
correct body positon while lying in the
water, waiting for the boat to pull them
out. The padding has been placed
strategically within the device to provide
ultimate buoyancy, comfortability and
TThe assistive floatation devices will
provide the correct amount of stability
and buoyancy for novice skiers to be
able to stay up right in the water. If the
skier needs to swim or put their ski on the
skier only needs to unclip the device to
be able to put their arms under the
water. Arms can still be moved once the
skier is out of the water as the devices are
attached to the main PFD behind the
shoulders, providing the skier with a
comfortable ski session. There are
adjustable straps to help skiers of all
shapes and sizes

Anne Landman
BTech Industrial Designer Cape Town, South Africa