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In our BTech year, studying at CPUT, we were giving a brief to start up our own company of 3 members. We had to design, manufacture and sell a product to make R5000 profit by the end of the year.

The company that the team, Daniel Afonso, Tashma Kritzinger and myself established is called Uncapped. Through much innovation and iteration we cam up with the product Pebble.

Pebble is a hand-held snack and beverage tray that is idea for any event or function where wine or champaign is thoroughly enjoyed with a light snack. Carefully considered curves, together with a snug wineglass cavity, enables the individual to comfortably hold the unit without having to juggle between activities. Pebble allows the wine lover to enjoy the artistry of each taste while appreciating the festivities taking place around them.

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Anne Landman
BTech Industrial Designer Cape Town, South Africa