DIPLOMA WORK for Tartu Art School: T-shirt collection "In the background of the big blue" - 60 t-shirt designs
T-shirt collection introduction page - In my collection "In the background of the big blue", there is 60 T-shirts with short sleeves and a V-neck. The shirts are separated to 4 themes: trees, clouds, wires and night sky. All shirts are made of 100% cotton. On size 36 the length of the shirt is 70 cm-s. The shirts are printed in digital printing. In every page of the catalogue there is shown the front and back side of the shirt. The price for 1 shirt is €32/500 EEK. *The colours of the shirts shown in catalogue are lighter in real.
"HKI puu 2" ('Tree of HKI 2')
"HKI puud" ('Trees of HKI')
"Kased talvel" ('Birches in the winter')
"Kollased õied" ('Yellow blossoms')
"Loojang Tuusulas" ('Sundown in Tuusula')
"Õitsevad 2" ('Blossoming 2')
"Õitsevad puud" ('Blooming trees')
"Oksad" ('Branches')
"Oksad 2" ('Branches 2')
"Oksad 3" ('Branches 3')
"Oksad 4" ('Branches 4')
"Loojub Tuusulas 2" ('Sunset in Tuusula 2')
"Loojub Tuusulas 5" ('Sunset in Tuusula 5')
"Puud talvel" ('Trees in the winter')
"Red tree" ('Punane puu')
"Blue tree" ('Sinine puu')
"Sõbra tn. puud" ('Trees from Sõbra street')
"Sõbra tn. puud 2" ('Trees from Sõbra street 2')
"Sõbra tn. puud 3" (' Trees from Sõbra street 3')
"Sõbra tn. puud 4" ('Trees from Sõbra street 4')
"Tuusula kased" ('Birches of Tuusula')
"Vana puu" ('Old tree')
"Puud" ('Trees')
"Sõbra tn. puud 5" ('Trees from Sõbra street. 5')
"Tuusula männid" ('Pines of Tuusula')
"Tuusula puud" ('Trees of Tuusula')
"Tuusula puud 2" ('Trees of Tuusula. 2')
"Valged õied" ('White blossoms')
"Vatirada" ('Cotton way')
"Vatirada 2" ('Cotton way. 2')
"Vahtrad" ('Maples')
"Loojang Emmenis" ('Sunset in Emmen') - First page of the theme 'Clouds'
"Loojang Emmenis 2" ('Sunset in Emmen. 2')
"Loojang Emmenis 3" ('Sunset in Emmen. 3')
"Loojang Emmenis 4" ('Sunset in Emmen. 4')
"Loojang läänes" ('Sunset in the west')
"Loojub Annelinnast" ('Sun setting from Anne town')
"Valged pilved" ('White clouds')

My final project in Tartu Art School.