Outdoor Hip Bag Concept & Mock Up

This hip bag design was my contribution to a larger team project. We chose to look into designing products and apparel to better support agricultural field workers. We developed a complete outfit that not only would be weatherproof and transitional during the fluctuating weather we have in Oregon throughout the day, but also have the youth and versatility to transition into their everyday attire. This allowed the outfit to not feel like a uniform but rather an expression of them. If brought to production, this bag would use sustainable materials such as "Yulex" (a neoprene alternative), water-based laminating adhesives, magnetic closures in both the leg wrap around and the buckle for the adjustable army style belt. The fantastic versatility of this waterproof bag design is that it can be worn as either a hip bag, or with a simple lengthening of the belt, can be worn as a messenger bag. The mock up was created purely out of up-cycled materials.

Freelance, Full-time
Annie Scriven
Apparel Designer/ Creator of things/ Outdoor Enthusiast Portland, OR