Front 3-4 - Two Seater Electric City Car. Its stance is based on a bulldog. Squat, solid and strong. This also translated into the car's character, with the bulldog's cute-but-not face giving it a unique expression.
Rear 3-4 - Two Seater Electric City Car. The purple shell is designed to represent the respectful older Britain. The white section is designed to look like the youthful, creative, fresh UK bursting out.
Lights glowing softly through the knight's helmet inspired light cluster. - Two Seater Electric City Car. A knight's helmet inspired the light clusters - as a nod to the knight in Monty Python, and the UK's rich comedy heritage.
Front Detailing. - Two Seater Electric City Car.
Rear Detailing. - Two Seater Electric City Car.
Plan View. - Two Seater Electric City Car.
Side View. - Two Seater Electric City Car.
Geneva Showcar Project

I was tasked with designing a car to represent my country for the Geneva Motorshow 2008.

Coming from the UK, with its rich motoring heritage, made this project particularly challenging. However after much thought, I chose to design a car which represented the optimisitc, youthful and inherently creative direction of the time.

The final vehicle is small (a two seater), and uses a traditional british bulldog to inform it's stance and DRG. The colour break up is representitive of the break between the traditional (a simple sculptural shell, in a royal looking purple) and the modern (a fresh, technological white with high-tech light detailing).

Other interesting details include a nod to Monty Python's Knight who says "Ni", with helmet style full width light light graphics, and the use of screens inside to replace the side windows, allowing for a cleaner and more personalisable exterior shell.

Anthony Clark
Transportation, Product and Graphic Designer Derby, United Kingdom