Initial "Frame and Fabric" Sketch
Mood Sketch showing the Kayak-Mountain Bike crossover in it's environemnt - the Canadian wilderness.
Final Top View
Sketch Development
Possible Seat and Pedal Detailing
Steering wheel design and integration
Sketch Development
Sketch Development.
Twisting Fabric Seat.
Final Alias Model.
Final Alias Top View.
Steering Wheel - Alias.
Honda Off Track Vehicle Project

Honda Off Track Vehicle Project. - This was a vehicle interior designed for Jenson Button, when not racing during the Grand Prix Weekend in Canada.

It is designed as a 1 seater, Kayak-Mountain Bike Crossover, to be lightweight and amphibious.

The tagline "Invigorating Exploration" was the key phrase, which inspired the white-water forms, and taught and stretched kayak spraydeck architecture. The controls were a simple steering device with trigger throttles and brakes.

Anthony Clark
Transportation, Product and Graphic Designer Derby, United Kingdom