Sara +

Project: health care equipment

Course: Ergonomic, School of Industrial Design- Lund University

Project with Kattarina Segerberg
Collaboration with ArjoHuntleigh

In this project we were supposed to improve the existing product Sara+
a machine which mainly is used to rehabilitate people who have a disability to walk, raise or stand up by themselves. It is also a tool meant for care taking of people.

Sara+ worked by letting the patient stand with support for the knees on a plate over the ground and allows the health care provider to guide the machine to the right destination. If the patient wanted to try to walk was there an opportunity to remove the standing plate and walk with support from the machine and guidance from the health care provider.

Our mission was to improve the standing plate and the support for the knees.

The patient usually felt more transported around instead of being involved in the procedure that was supposed to be a way of rehabilitation.

Anton Alverbäck
Industrial Designer / Child Cultur Designer Gothenburg, Sweden