Baby's Bed - The dorsal petal of the dendrobium purple orchid was the inspiration behind this attempt at making baby furniture that rocks like the flower waving in the wind. The dorsal petal is modified to allow insects to rest on it while the column (fused stamen and style) makes a hood over it. The hood can also be streched so that it acts as a net while the baby sleeps.
KEROV - A kerosene pump stove for urban slum dwellers thats evolved from market research and local manufacturing capabilities to keep cost low and safety paramount. The design is BIS compliant, weight balanced and reduces welding spots by half. Easy to carry, clean and refill.
I-Cozy - Many children hide under the blanket and make their own fantasy worlds come to life in that apparent privacy. As we grow up we are taught that summer-saulting makes us look silly! (unless we make a living out of it). I-cozy is your own personal space which you can create anytime, anywhere and set to your own mood. Best of all you can jump and fall all you want! It is an icosahedral grid of inflated specially engineered plastic that maintains integrity under stress.
Bhanu - The Miners' Cap Lamp - Estimated over 2 lakh (miner workers) were potential users for this product. Present product is bulky ( weighs 2.5 Kgs) with an acid battery which needs daily charging for 8 hrs. Bhanu, a sleek single piece cap lamp weighed just 254 grams , worked with Ni MH battery with a warm white light of 350mA K2 LED. The charging time also reduced drastically
Eyewear Care - Making a patented idea into a salable product. The desktop eye wash station is made more portable and user friendly by turning it into a can. Added storage facility for contact lens wearers makes it a complete solution for users.
Product Design
Anubhooti Asthana
Experience Designer Cincinnati, OH