25 years of my life + Indian spices
Book Concept, Design & Creation - 25 Years Of My Spice'd Life!

I have intertwined stories and events of each year lived with visuals/photographs and spices in an interesting manner to create this book...25 Years Of My Spice'd Life! I photographed each number with a specific spice gathered in the shape of it and have used it on every page to indicate the present age. Giving each year, a relevant word with unique typographic treatment gives it that extra oomph. The type is experimental and has been hidden in different ways at some places, on purpose. This is truly the most precious and close to my heart kind of project that I have ever created! A big "Thank You" to my family, friends and my San Diego State University Professor Susan Merritt, for their kind contribution towards the success of this project!

Anubhuti Desai
Art Director / Graphic Designer Chicago, IL