Humble Bumble - This is an identity for an unpretentious and all natural honey company. Their products range from honey drops to tea.
2010 Live Arts and Philly Fringe Festival - This is a project for the annual performing arts festival in Philadelphia. The give-away bag includes a t-shirt, water bottle, festival booklet, CD with a calendar of events, and a ticket.
Ragazzo Di Legno - Ragazzo Di Legno is coffee flavored vodka imported from Italy.
Nooka - Nooka is a company that creates everything from belts and perfume to digital watches. Their extravagant products come in sustainable and simple packages.
The Great American Seed Company - These seeds from the Great American Seed Company are a part of a special edition. The entire line focuses on three National Parks across America.
Rasputin's Holistic Cure-All Snake Oil - These pills possess Rasputin's power of holistic healing. It'll cure anything you got!
Cucina Romana - 100% natural Olive Oil imported from Italy.
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